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The following 249 Tourist Sites are recommended by CNTA (China National Tourism Administration)

Anhui Province

Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain)
Tunxi Ancient Culture Street
Jiuhua Mountain

Great Wall
Ming Tombs
Forbidden City
Great Hall of the People
Liulichang Antique Cultural Street
Yonghegong Monastery
Temple of Heaven
Summer Palace
Beihai Park
Jingshan Park

The Relics of Temporary Capital Under Administration of Republic of China (KMT Government)

Fujian Province
Fuzhou Gushan & Mawei Economic Development Zone
Fuzhou Second Lacquer Factory
Fuzhou Sculpture Factory
Xiamen Gulangyu Island
Nanputuo Temple
Jimei Academic Village
Mazhu Temple on Meizhou Island
Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple
Grand Mosque
Qingyuan Temple
Wuyi Mountain

Gansu Province
Lanzhou Bingling Temple
Dunhuang Megao Grotto
Crescent Moon Spring
Resonant Sand Dunes
Jiayuguan Pass of the Great Wall

Guangdong Province
Guangzhou Chen Family Temple
Temple of Six Banyan Tree
Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall
Daxin Ivory Carving Factory
Qingping Market
Foshan Ancestral Temple
Shiwan Pottery Factory
Foshan Folk Arts
Dali Town
Shenzhen World Park
Honey Lake Resort
Shenzhen Xianhu Lake
Zhaoqing Seven-Star Crags
Dinghu Mountain
Inkslab Factory
Shaoguan Nanhua Buddhist Temple
Danxia Mountain

Guizhou Province
Huangguoshu Water fall
Dragon Palace
Zhijin Cave
Guiyang Red Maple Lake
Huaxi Folklore
Kali Folk Village

Hainan Province
Haikou Hai Rui Tomb
Five Dukes Ancestral Temple
Wanning Dongshan Mountain
Xinglong Farm
Sanya Beach
The Ends of the Earth
Tongshi Lise
Yalong Bay - "China's Hawaii"

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Guilin Lijiang River
Reed Flute Cave
Seven-Star Cliffs
Diecai Mountain
Elephant Trunk Hill
Liuzhou Great Dragon Pool
Yufeng Mountain

Hebei Province
Jinshanling Great Wall in Luanping
Summer Villa in Chengde
Shanhaiguan Pass of the Great Wall in Qinhuangdao
Beidaihe Beach
Eastern Qing Tombs in Zunhua County

Heilongjiang Province
Sun Island in Harbin
Songhua River Scenic Spot
Daqing Oil Field
Jingbo Lake Scenic Area

Henan Province
Mangshan Mountain and Yellow River Tourist Site
Shaolin Temple
Forest of Dagobas
Astronomical Observatory
Songyue Temple Pagoda
Kaifeng Capital Imperial Street of Song Dynasty
Dragon Pavilion
Iron Pagoda
Xiangguo Temple
Memorial Hall of Bao Zheng
Luoyang Longmen Grottoes (Dragon Gate Cave)
White Horse Temple
General Guan Yu's Tomb
Ancient Tomb Museum
Three Gorges
Boating on the Yellow River
Tombs of Biao Kingdom including Horses and Vehicles
Cultural Relics and the Pagoda of Baolun Temple

Hubei Province
Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower
East Lake
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge
Ancient Jingzhou City
Gezhou Dam
Chinese Sturgeon Hall

Hunan Province
Changsha Han Dynasty Tombs at Mawangdui
Yuelu Academy
Hunan Embroidery Research Institute
Tianxin Pavilion
Yueyang Tower
Dongting Lake
Quzi Ancestral Temple
Zhangjiajie Scenic Area
Tianzi Mountain
Suoxi Valley

Inner Mongolia
Hohhot Xilamuren Grasslands
Gegengtala Grasslands
Baotou Resonant Sand Gorge
Wudangzhao Monastery
Genghis Khan's Mausoleum

Jiangsu Province
Sun Yet-sen Mausoleum
Linggu Temple
Qinhuaihe River Scenic Spot
Fuzi Temple
Taihu Lake at Wuxi
Turtle Head Isle
Du Park
Jichang Park
Suzhou Zhuozheng Park
Liu Park
Huqiu Hill
Hanshan Temple
Yangzhou Slender West Lake
Jinshan Mountain
Jiaoshan Mountain in Zhenjiang

Jiangxi Province
Nanchang Tengwangge Pavilion
Eight Painters Museum
Jiujiang Lushan Mountain
Jingdezhen Town

Jilin Province
Puppet Emperor's Palace
Changchun Film Studio
Songhua Lake
Deer Park of Longtanshan
Lake of Heaven at Changbai Mountain

Liaoning Province
Shenyang Forbidden City
Steam Train Museum
Zhaolin Tomb,
Dalian Beach
Dalian Development Zone and City
Glacier Zone
Thousand Lotuses Mountain
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Yinchuan Nanguan Mosque
Haibao Pagoda
Royal Tombs of the Western Xia Dynasty
Shahu Lake Tourist Area

Qinghai Province
Xining Ta'er Lamasery
Qinghai Lake
Bird Island

Shandong Province
Jinan Baotu Spring
Daming Lake
Thousand-Buddha Mountain
Qufu Confucius Temple
Confucius Mansions
The Tomb of Confucius
Taishan Mountain (Mt. Tai)
Qingdao Jutting Pier
Laoshan Mountain
Qingdao Brewery

Yuyuan Park
Jade Buddha Temple
Shanghai Art Research Institute
Huangpu River
Shanghai Youth Palace
Shanghai Museum
Former Residence of Soong Ching-ling
Lu Xun Museum
Sun Yet-sen Museum
Modern Village
Grand Garden and Ancient Water Town

Shaanxi Province
Terracotta Warriors of Qin Dynasty (Terracotta Army)
Qinshihuang Tomb
Huaqing Pool
Xi'an City Wall
Big Wild Goose Pagaoda
Banpo Cultural Relics
Stele Collection
Great Mosque
Qianling Tomb
Famen Temple
Maoling Tomb

Shanxi Province
Yungang Buddhist Cave of Datong
Wutai Mountain
Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian County
Suspending Temple of Hengshan Mountain
Jin Ancestral Hall in Taiyuan
Twin Pagoda Temple

Sichuan Province
Chengdu Di Fu Thatched Gottage
Guanyu Ancestral Temple
Dujiang Dam (Dujiangyan Dam)
Qingcheng Mountain
Leshan Buddha
Emei Mountain
Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve
Yellow Dragon Temple

Ancient Culture Street
Guangdong Guild Hall
Yanglouqing Art Museum
Huangyaguan Great Wall in Jixian County
Dule Temple

Potala Palace
Jokhang Monastery
Norbu Lingka Park
Barkor Street
Xigaze Tashilhungpo Monstery
Gyangtze Baiju Monastery
Ten-Thousand-Buddha Pagoda

Tianshan Mountains
Heavenly Lake (Tianchi Lake)
Turpan Gaochang Ancient City
Astana Ancient Tombs
Flaming Mountain
Bezklik Thousand-Buddha Grottoes
Grapes Valley
Karez Well

Yunan Province
Kunming Xishan Mountain
Dianchi Lake
Great View Tower
Golden Palace
Stone Forest
Alu Ancient Cave
Dali Bai Ethic Village
Dali Three Pagodas
Butterfly Spring
Man Flying Dragon
Pagodas in Xishuangbanna
Manjinglan Dai Ethnic Village
Mengla Tropical Garden

Zhejiang Province
Hangzhou West Lake
Lingyin Temple
Liuhe Pagoda
Chinese Silk Museum
Chinese Tea Museum
Huanglong Cave
Fanggu Park
Hu Qingyu TCM Museum
Thousand-Island Lake
Ningbo Tianyi Ancient Library
Putuo Mountain


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