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China Wall Map, Atlas
China Travel Map
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China Information and Online Sources
Chinese Art Information

Exhibition Links:

watercolor painting from chinese artists


Gallery / Exhibition

 China National Art Gallery (in Chinese)
 A+A Art Exhibition 2007

 Beijing in Your Eyes (online photo show)
 Shanghai Art Gallery
 Wax painting exhibition
  Liu Zhilong's Wax painting Exhibition

 Photo Exhibition - Xinjiang, the Beautiful!
 Audio slideshow: Art and politics in China (link to BBC)



  The Gallery of China
  A Look at Chinese Painting
  Chinese Brush Painting
  Arts of China Consortium
  Chinese painting
  Learn Chinese painting step by step.
  Traditional Chinese Painting
 China’s Female Artists Quietly Emerge. New York Times, USA

 Exotic China  - A Huge Art Exam to Pursuit Art Dream

Chinese Music

Sound of music from across world
July 28 -- The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government will hold the 21st Macau International Music Festival (MIMF) from October 5 to 31. The festival that brings internationally-acclaimed artists from all over the world to Macau every year, has now become a major musical event in the territory.
(Click the title of the news for full report.)
Chinese Music for Download
Music of China
 Chinese Music Society of North America

The Rolling Stones to make China debut in April 2006
Buy Twelve Girls Band CD
China: Classical Instrumental Music
The Chinese Music Page
  Chinese Music
 Chinese Instruments

  Music from China
  Chinese Music Introduction

China National Grand Theater (Right) and The Great Hall of People (Left)

Performing Arts

Propaganda Paintings

  China Propaganda Paintings in different periods of communist China - a very good collections


Chinese Folk Arts

 Wax painting exhibition
Liu Zhilong's Wax painting Exhibition

Chinese Art
The Art of China
Chinese Art and Art History
China Art Net

"Golden Girls" in Beijing 1996


Chappatte's Cartoon: China: Long March to Capitalism
Cartoon Chinese Bunny on Suicide Mission
The Sprouting Chinese Cartoon Industry
Chinese Cartoons turn to traditional arts for inspiration
  Chinese political cartoons, social commentary
  NHK to show Chinese cartoon in Japan

Other Forms of Art

  China Academy of Art
  China Academy of Art (Chinese Version)
 Chinese Arts & Music Association





Chinese Movie

 China Art Report Links

More China Art News and Information Links

Culture and Art Administration and Associations


Paper Cutting Art Works

Art Education

China Academy of Art
China Academy of Art (Chinese Version)
 Chinese Arts & Music Association

Art Organizations


Chinese Art Info. Links

China bans censored brothel film. BBC.
National Grand Theater to open on Dec. 22
Art exchange preps Thursday's Shanghai Arts Festival Oct. 17, 2007
Chinese Art Sets Record Sales in Hong Kong Oct. 9, 2007
Chinese Art - by Wikipedia
Chinese Art Information (Chinese web with English links)
China Culture Information Net
Confucius Institute launched in Quebec
Chinese Arts, Music and Performing Art (W. Kentucky University)
Hidden Beauty of Panjiayuan
Official China Culture Site
Art market more mature in Beijing
Beijing's newly established National Performing Arts Center and the Meilanfang Grand Theatre entertained a steady flow of theatre goers over the National Day holidays.

With more arts festivals taking place on the Capital stage, the fan base is growing rapidly for performances that would have been dismissed as high-brow, only a few years ago.

International troupes in array enter and exit this city's stages. The just concluded 2008 International Folk Song Week, saw 24 overseas bands sharing the stage with 14 domestic groups at the National Performing Arts Center. For many people who live in Beijing, a night out at the theatre is an established part of the social routine.

 Mr. Wang, theatre-goer, said, "I find that attending a show is a chic way to entertain. And the building's glossy exterior and lush decoration is an attraction in itself for my family and me."

 Ms. Liu, theatre-goer, said, "I have found great personal benefit in the theatre experience. It's enriched my life since I retired. And it's also raised my understanding of the arts, including our own Chinese arts and those from abroad." (Source:, Oct. 8, 2008 )


Picture: Traditional Chinese Dance

traditional chinese dance, qianshou guanyin
Traditional Chinese Dance: Qianshou Guanyin

China Art Event and Festivals

Christina Aguilera breaks China
Ice festival starts in Harbin
Chinese Culture Year in France
Young Chinese devote efforts to cross-culture exchange

College girls go nude before camera for eternal beauty
China Daily, Feature Report They are young, they are energetic, and now for an eternal memory, they go nude -- in the studio. They are college girls in Xi'an, an ancient city in landlocked Shaanxi Province, which served as the capital city of some 13 dynasties in the Chinese history, including the world-renowned Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). (full report)

The Rolling Stones to make China debut in April Xinhua News, Mar. 16, 2006 - The Rolling Stones will make their first ever visit to China to perform in Shanghai on April 8. The rock greats will play at Shanghai Grand Stage, which has more than 8,500 seats. The Shanghai performance is produced by WPC Piecemeal Inc., Concert Productions International and The Next Adventure, promoted locally by Emma Entertainment and sponsored by Deutsche Bank. Jonathan Krane, CEO of Emma Entertainment, says that the Shanghai concert is part of the Rolling Stones' "bigger bang" world tour. The tour opened in Boston in August 2005 and has already attracted more than 1.5 million fans in the United States. The Rolling Stones are among the better known Western rock acts in China. "It's better late than never", says Li Yi, a 30-year-old Shanghai local. "Many young Chinese love to listen to a lot of Rock and Roll music, which has been synonymous with a rebellious attitude."  Ticket prices of the Rolling Stone's Shanghai concert range from 300 yuan (37.5 U.S. dollars) to 3,000 yuan (375 U.S. dollars).

Chinese Related News and Information


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Sculpture & Carving

A Stone Lion in Beijing








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