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Oriental Home Ideas

 Oriental Home Ideas
Western folks have always been fascinated by the beauty of Oriental furniture. When explorers from long ago returned home carrying with them pieces of carved furniture from the East, bearing intricate inlay and designs, these carved lacquer boxes soon became popular gifts among the 18th century gentry and high-society homes. Westerners were simply awed by the furnitureís ornate designs and beautiful colors.

Slowly, bigger pieces emerged which reflected various periods of Chinese history. And when a previous ban on wood was lifted during the Ming period, innovative and sophisticated joinery techniques to be used on hard wood surfaced. This brought about the manufacturing and selling of more exquisite kinds of furniture bought by the growing wealthy merchant classes of that time.

For Japanese furniture, the focus of their pieces is quite opposite to that of Chinese furniture. Japanese prefer simplicity in their surroundings, particularly their homes. But despite the easy and clean features of Japanese decor , it still exudes a unique aesthetic appeal. Letís look at tansu for instance.

Tansu came at a time when constraint in space became a major concern in Japanese households. Despite the lack of floor space, Japanese still wanted to organize their things an efficient and better manner. Because the wood used, kiri, is moisture proof, does not burn easily, has a smooth texture and attractive enough appearance, tansu gives off a simple look to any living room design.

In terms of wooden furniture, letís take a look at three of the most important furniture that should be given huge thought and consideration before purchasing one for any home:

Coffee Tables for the Living Room

Coffee tables always serve as the focal point of a living room. You can display ornate objects on top of it, turn it into a workstation if you need to, have coffee with your family and friends, or just simply hang out there to read some magazines or rest after a dayís work. Coffee tables come in many designs, both luxurious, affordable and even those kinds that multi-task like lift top coffee tables. They can be custom made or bought right out of a furniture shop. Though there are coffee tables made of other materials, the wooden kind remains to be the most durable, aesthetic and best option to purchase money-wise. If you get the ones made of hardwood, they can last until the next generation that you can even give it as an heirloom to your grandchildren.

The Best Dining Tables Around

When it comes to dining tables, most people tend to consider the rustic style the most since it serves to bring about that comfortable and relaxing appeal to oneís dining room. It is a fact that a dining room is one of the most frequented places inside the house, therefore, dining tables ought to withstand the test of time, which is why solid wood dining tables are usually the best option for this kind.

The Beauty of Wooden Doors

Some people would consider
wood doors as something old and from the past because of the trendy rise in the use of other materials like aluminum or metal. But what they fail to see is that wooden doors have a quality that none of those other kinds have --- natural beauty and added sense of security for the home. With wood doors, you can have intricate designs carved on it, just like any muebles. Moreover, they can also withstand severe climate, does not rust, can be easily maintained and can last a lifetime.

Maximizing Our Natural Resources

Natural materials found in nature really do have a beautiful and lasting effect. This is not just true for the home, but in other aspects of life as well, such as fashion for instance. Letís take
African beads for example. They are natural beads strung up in various designs to create beautiful adornments. They have become so popular the last decade not just because of their exquisite artwork but also because of their elaborate history. African beads are typically made of natural materials: naturally occurring seeds and nuts in Africa, shells from ostrich or cowry, bones from elk, water buffalos and bisons, animal teeth and tusks. They can last a lifetime and prices are not too steep.

Essential Reminders for Your Home

Going back to the essence of homes, there are three more essential things that you have to look into when furnishing one or renovating an old home: light fixture parts, basement flooring options, and landscaping ideas for front yard. Here are the basics:

The light fixture parts you use must not only be aesthetically appealing, but must also complement the rest of your home dťcor and more importantly, must also be energy-efficient. For your basement flooring options, you can either choose to paint over it, do floor-to-wall carpeting, apply plywood on top, use vinyl, bamboo flooring or any other material that you see fit as long as youíve checked that there is no water seepage, the material is resistant to spills and stains and that it can withstand the atmosphere down under. Lastly, in terms of landscaping ideas for front yard, no matter how beautiful and intricate the design you have in mind is, you have to make it functional too. After all, whatís the use of having an elaborate, say, forest-like landscape design on your front yard if you canít even access the doorway from there? So think of functionality the way you think about aesthetics. These two factors should go hand in hand.

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