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Chinese citizen will not have to pay to enter the country's public art galleries in two years, said a joint statement by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance released Thursday.

By the end of 2011, there will be no charge for Chinese citizens to enter public art galleries at state and provincial levels. By the end of 2012, all public art galleries will be free for citizens, said the statement.

The move comes after the nation offered free access of its museums and memorial halls to the public in 2008.

The statement said that finance departments at all levels should increase investments to art galleries and libraries so they could run without charging, while also enabling them to improve basic public cultural services.

The central government will also arrange special funds to subsidize art galleries and libraries in the less developed central and western parts of China.

The statement said art galleries and libraries should improve management and organizational structure to boost operational efficiency, as well as to improve their services to special groups such as children, rural migrant workers, and the elderly.

China opens museum on sex slaves (click for details on Sify news)

China opens first vegetable museum  - China's first vegetable museum opened in eastern Shandong Province Monday, covering an area of 3,000 square meters.

China Shouguang Vegetable Museum shows the relationship between the development of China's vegetable farming and society, exhibiting items such as farming tools, specimens and drawings from the Longshan civilization period (2340 B.C. - 1940 B.C.) to modern period, said Wang Ziran, deputy director of the museum's project team.

"You can find a 130-million-year-old plant fossil here and see the tools used to farm vegetables in the Han Dynasty, about 2100 years ago," He added.

The museum is located in Shandong's Shouguang City, known as "Vegetable Town of China," where 56,000 hectares are used to grow vegetables out of a total 94,000 hectares of arable land.

The city area produced about 4 billion kilograms of high-quality vegetables in 2009, according to the local government.

(Source: April 20, 2010 )

China opens underwater museum

Westerners banned from visiting China spy museum

Chinese man runs private museum on Sino-U.S. relations in E China - Xinhua

Curators plead for more money after free admission causes crisis in China museums. Xinhua News

China sets library standards for booming urban communities

China's Ministry of Culture on Tuesday set building standards of public libraries to ensure that they can meet the demands of the country's booming urban population.

Population size would be the major reference for the size of new libraries from Nov. 1, the ministry said in a circular.

In the past, the size of public cultural facilities was usually decided by local administrations, but in some counties and villages, especially in eastern China, communities had expanded quickly, beyond the scale of their libraries, said a ministry official.

Under the new rules, a library in an area with up to 200,000 people should be a minimum of 800 square meters and a maximum of 4,500 square meters.

The specific size could be decided by the local government in accordance with practicality.

A community with up to 1.5 million should have a library ranging from 4,500 square meters to 20,000 square meters; while libraries in areas with up to 10 million people should range from 20,000 to 60,000 square meters.

"If local governments want to build a library, they should follow the standard, which was based on field surveys and reference to international levels," said the official, who declined to be named.

He said local populations would include all residents living in an area for at least six months, which would allow rural migrant workers to use the facilities.

The ministry started to draft the construction standard under orders from the Construction Ministry in 2002. (Xinhua News 2008-10-21)

  • China opens digital library for blind -

    A digital library for the blind, where the visually impaired can listen to electronic books, music or on-line lectures for free, has opened in the Chinese capital.

    Situated in the National Library, the facility was jointly set up by the Information Center of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the National Library and China Braille Publishing House.

    It was opened on the eve of the International Day of the Blind, which falls on Wednesday.

    About 200 electronic books, 500 audio programs and 500 video programs are available at the library, covering ancient Chinese culture, medicine, modern literature and daily life. Some of the materials were provided according to requests from the blind.

    The library plans to add at least 200 electronic books, 30 lecture videos and 500 audio programs every year.

    China has 82.96 million disabled people, of whom 16.91 million are blind, according to statistics from the disabled federation.  (Oct. 15, 2008, Xinhua) 

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