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  • Beijing rules: don't speak ill of Jiang (details)
  • China confirms dissident faces media ban - CHINA has confirmed that prominent dissident Hu Jia is not allowed to give media interviews as a condition of his release from prison, and said he would be subject to "supervision". (click for details)
  • Book Review: On China by Henry Kissinger - The mandarin emeritus sees China's future in its very ancient past. Christopher Buckley reviews By Christopher Buckley (click for details)


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My China Books

Funny Pictures about China Media

Compare and Surprise!

compare chinese newspaper
compare and surprise


All Newspapers, the Same Face

All Newspapers, the Same Face


"Chinese-Style" TV Interview

Reading while facing TV Camera and microphone

Please read this...

What's on this piece of paper? ---"We watched a TV live broadcast of the news conference held by new municipality officials this afternoon. We were so encouraged and excited. We fully believe that under the correct leadership of these newly elected officials along with the joint effort of all residents of the town, we can make our hometown more beautiful."

Related Information

China Official Media Xinhua's top ten domestic news events of 2010

BEIJING, Dec. 29 , 2010 -- Xinhua top ten domestic news events of 2010, in chronological order, are:

Shanghai World Expo
With the theme of "Better City, Better Life," the Shanghai World Expo ran from May 1 to Oct. 31 in east China's city of Shanghai. The Expo, the first of its kind staged in a developing country, was another great event in China after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It attracted 246 participating countries and international organizations and a record number of 73 million visitors.

Mainland, Taiwan sign landmark economic pact
Chinese mainland and Taiwan negotiators signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) in Chongqing on June 29, a move hailed by many as a milestone in cross-Strait relations. Agreed upon by the mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), the ECFA is expected to boost economic cooperation and facilitate economic and trade exchanges between the mainland and Taiwan.

China publishes national education plan for next decade
China published "Outline of China's National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)," or its national education plan for the next decade, on July 29, pledging to shape a learning society and turn China into a country rich in talent by 2020. The plan aims to promote educational fairness as a basic policy and increase education investment in rural, remote and ethnic minority areas.

Shenzhen special economic zone celebrates 30th anniversary
A celebration rally was held on Sept. 6 in China's southern coastal city Shenzhen to mark its 30th anniversary as China's first special economic zone (SEZ). China approved the establishment of SEZ in Shenzhen on Aug. 26, 1980. Chinese President Hu Jintao told the rally that the central government will always support the SEZs embarking on "brave exploration" in their roles as "first movers."

Earthquake, mudslide hit China's northwest regions
A 7.1-magnitude earthquake jolted Yushu in northwest China's Qinghai Province on April 14, leaving nearly 3,000 people dead or missing. A huge mudslide swept Zhouqu County of northwestern Gansu Province on Aug. 7, leaving more than 1,700 people dead or missing.

CPC sets development agenda for 2011-2015 period
The fifth plenary session of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Part of China (CPC), held on Oct. 15-18, approved the CPC Central Committee's Proposal for Formulating the 12th Five-Year Program for China's Economic and Social Development (2011-2015). The proposal stressed efforts for maintaining a stable and relatively fast economic growth as well as achieving major development in economic restructuring. It also urged raising people's incomes and deepening reform and opening-up.

Guangzhou Asian Games, Asian Para Games
The 16th Asian Games was held on Nov. 12-27 in southern China's Guangzhou City. Some ten thousand athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia have competed in the games. The host country showed its overwhelming prowess by gaining 199 gold medals. The Asian Para Games was held on Dec. 12-19.

Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-1A ranked world's fastest
Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-1A was ranked the world's fastest computer by the World Top 500 Supercomputers list, which was issued on Nov. 16 in the United States. The Tianhe-1A system at the National Supercomputer Center in northern China city of Tianjin, is capable of sustaining computation at 2.57 petaflop/s, which equates to a mind-numbing 2.57 quadrillions of calculations per second.

China's grain output rises 2.9 pct in 2010
China's National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced on Dec. 3 that the country's grain output rose 2.9 percent year on year in 2010 to 546.41 million tonnes. This marked the seventh consecutive year of growth for China's grain output.

China to shift to prudent monetary policy
The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee agreed in a meeting on Dec. 3 that China would switch its monetary policy stance from relatively loose to prudent next year to tackle rising inflation and keep economic growth at sustainable pace. The meeting also agreed that China would continue the proactive fiscal policy next year.

Video: China Forever (click to play the video)  - Websites that are windows in China's great firewall - Whether it is about US arms sales to Taiwan or how the film epic Confucius stacks up against Avatar, the world's first snapshot of Chinese opinion often comes from (Comment from

ChinaGeeks - ChinaGeeks is a China blog dedicated to translation, discussion, and commentary on modern Chinese social and political issues.


Major Official English Media

Xinhua News Agency
People's Daily
China Daily
Beijing Review
China Today Magazine
China News Service
China Radio International
China Internet Info Center
China Central Television (CCTV)

*All the above listed newspapers, magazines, news agencies, websites, broadcasting stations and TV stations are major English-language state-run media, they are fully controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Government and reflect China official view and stand. In general, Chinese newspapers are controlled by the Communist Party to a varying degrees and have a penchant for playing down bad news.

Facts and Figures of China Media

Currently China has
  • 2,000 Newspapers
  • 9,000 Magazines
  • 287 TV channels
  • 700 million Mobile phone users
  • 338 million Internet users
  • 180 million Bloggers

Source: Ministry of Information of PRC Sep. 2009

China Official TV Stations

China Central Television (CCTV)
Beijing TV Station
Changchun Cable TV
Chongqing TV Station
Fujian Media Group
Guangdong TV Station
Guangdong Cabe TV
Guangxi TV
Hainan TV Station
Hebei TV
Heilongjiang TV
Henan TV
Hong Kong Asia Television
Hong Kong TV Broadcasts (TVB)
Hubei TV
Hunan TV
Inner Mongolia TV
Jiangsu TV
Jilin TV
Liaoning TV

Shandong TV
Shanghai Media Group
Shanxi TV
Shannxi TV
Shenzhen Media Group
Sichuan Media Group
Zhuhai Cable TV
Zhejiang Media Group

China Newspapers List (in Chinese)

China Major Publishing Houses

People's Press
People's Education Press

Huaxia Press
Law Press
Foreign Languages Press

Peking University Press
Xiamen University Press
Higher Education Press
Beijing Normal University Press

Wuhan University Press
China Politics and Law University Press
Zhejiang University Press
Chongqing University Press

Soochow University Press (Suzhou University)
Tongji University Press
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Press
Xidian University Press

Central Radio and TV University Press
Huadong Normal University Press
Sichuan University Press
Lanzhou University Press

Hunan Education Press

Cultural Relics Publishing House
Post and Telecom Press
Fujian Education Press
Science Press
China Economy Press

  Publishing House of Electronics Industry

  China Electric Press
 Chemical Industry Press

Other China Related English Media

International Media -  Asia News

America Media
CNN Asia News
 International Herald Tribune - Asia Pacific
 Los Angeles Times (Asia)
The New York Times - Asia Pacific
The Wall Street Jorunal (Asia)
Asia Media
Straits Times (Asia Reports from Singapore) Asia Pacific - reports and comments from Arab World
South China Morning Post
The Times of India - China Reports
Europe Media
BBC Asia Pacific News
Guardian, UK - China News and Report
The Times Online (Asia News)

Special Reports

Recommended articles on this topics

 Funny Pictures

"Chinese-Style" TV Interview

Reading while facing TV Camera and microphone

Please read this...

What's on this piece of paper? ---"We watched a TV live broadcast of the news conference held by new municipality officials this afternoon. We were so encouraged and excited. We fully believe that under the correct leadership of these newly elected officials along with the joint effort of all residents of the town, we can make our hometown more beautiful."

The China Quarterly "Published by Cambridge University Press, The China Quarterly is the leading scholarly journal in its field, covering all aspects of contemporary China including Taiwan and overseas Chinese. The journal is online at Cambridge Journals Online. Everyone has free access to the tables of contents and abstracts. If your library subscribes, you also gain access to the full text of articles online."

Radio Free Asia (RFA) ("RFA is a private corporation that was established in 1996 to provide news and information in nine language. RFA's mission is to be a forum for a variety of opinions and voices from within Asian nations whose people do not have full freedom of expression.")


Books and Reviews

Book Review: Dream of Ding Village - Human nature is shown at its worst in a tale of greed and corruption. (click for details)


TThe First Chinese Exchange StudentsBy Deborah Fallows


Pearl of China': Anchee Min's version of the life of Pearl S. Buck - A review of Anchee Min's novel "Pearl of China," based on the life of Pearl S. Buck. The book is a vehicle for the author's retelling of her own story (click for details)


China's Long, Strange Road Trip  - In his latest book Peter Hessler gets his driver's license and explores the villages and factory towns of China.


Book Review: China's Mystery Lady - The troubled times and varied ambitions of Madame Chiang Kai-shek. (The Wall Street Journal)


Attention Chinese Shoppers - Economist Stephen Roach has a prescription for the ''Next Asia.''


Survivors’ Stories From China - Tales of Survival from a Chinese Labor Camp


Book Review: Poorly Made in China
The City & The City' by China Mi'ville (LA Times)
A Worker's Memoir of the New China (Washington Post)
China's hidden history - Lesie Scrivener - Re: ahtuor of the Book China Witness
Book review: China Witness - IHT
Nonfiction review: 'China Witness,' by Xinran


Oral history in China - Tales of old - Book Review
Book Review: Muddy River, China, Where the Going Is Bleak - Janet Maslin
Book Review: A Bull in China


Book Review: "The China Lover": a fascinating look at a woman caught between two countries at war - by Michael Upchurch
BOOK REVIEW: Investigating the ‘China threat’ by Khaled Ahmed

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