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China Travel Guide
Famous Old Streets in Beijing


Beijing's Famous Old Street

Beijing, as it develops, is gradually defined by lots of tall buildings, large mansions and shopping streets. The modern Chang'an Avenue, Qianmen pedestrian malls and Wangfujing Street present to the world a prosperous and bustling capital. However, none of them can speak for the historical culture of Beijing.

The old streets in Beijing, such as Yandaixie Jie (Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street), Guozijian Street and Nanluoguxiang Street, can best interpret the history, culture and architectural heritage of Beijing.

Yandaixie Jie (Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street)

Yandaixie Jie means "Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street" in English. It starts from Di'anmen Street in the East and ends at Qianhai in the West. Measuring almost 300 meters long, the street resembles a huge tobacco pouch. Also as it runs from the northeast to southwest, hence the name "Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street".
yandaixiejie, old beijing street

Another reason for its name's origin is reflected to the people who lived there in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and that they adored smoking pipes. Due to the large demand for pipes, many tobacco pouch stores were opened, thus giving the street the name "Tobacco Pouch".

Today, the old street has become a popular destination for visitors. Wandering along the street, visitors will find many stores selling pipes, tobacco pouches, antiques and all kinds of souvenirs. The trendy bars, old-style shops and featured inns are all attractive to the eyes.

In November, 2010, Yandaixie Jie was named "Chinese historical and cultural street", after Guozijian Street in 2009.

Transportation: take bus No. 60, 82, 107, 124 or 204 and get off at Di'anmen.

Guozijian Street

Guozijian Street is located in the northwest of Dongcheng district in Beijing. It starts from Yonghegong Dajie in the East and ends at Andingmen Nei Dajie in the West. It gets its name from the Guozijian it houses. Guozijian was the Imperial College in Yuan (12791368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.
guozijian, beijing famous old street

Guozijian Street is the first street titled "Chinese historical and cultural street" in Beijing. It is an antique street combining Beijing's past and present. The classical atmosphere of the street can be immediately felt by the four color-painted archways standing on the two ends. In the street, visitors can find many interesting antique stores, tea houses and traditional shops. As it connects to the Lama Temple in the East, the perfumed scent of burning incense embalms the air, making the street more tranquil and classical.

Transportation: take bus No.13 or 684 and get off at Guozijian.

Nanluoguxiang Street

Located between Gulou Dong Dajie (Drum Tower East Street) and Di'anmen East Street, Nanluoguxiang Street is a traditional well preserved historical street in downtown Beijing. Measuring over one kilometer long, the quaint street boasts hutong and courtyards. A lot of handicraft shops selling the artifacts designed by local artists and souvenir stores offering keepsakes are packed in the street.
nanluoguxiang, beijing's most popular old street

Neighboring attractions: Drum Tower East Street (Gulou Dong Jie) and Houhai Lake

Transportation: take bus No.13, 118, 612 or 823 and get off at Luoguxiang.

(Sources: China Daily)



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