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ChinaToday.com is a privately-owned  China-related general information base, providing general, useful, and to-the-point easy-to-find information and well-selected links about China. We know what you need, and selected news, information and links for you  to get rid of those junk information and  "purify" your search and save your time.

There is only one important thing we can do for you - save your valuable time, limited your search range. You do not need to waste so much time surfing on those major searching engines, open one and one site but find nothing you really  need.

Chinatoday.com is listed on the top of 35 major search engines' "China" keyword search result;

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Chinatoday.com has been linked by many well-known world media, such as TIME, BBC, CNN, Wikipedia,..

We would be more than happy if we can be of any assistance in your China related business and China information search.


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