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China Software Outsource:
Alder International Software Co. Ltd.


Alder Software Outsource Service
Beijing Alder International Software Co. Ltd offers widest selection of software design, outsourcing and development services available nationwide, including MIS, mobile telecommunication, computing network, embedded system and industry-oriented professional software design and development.

Founded in 2002, Alder holds lots of excellent employees with rich experience in outsourcing services. It lists ‘Cordial Service’ ‘Customer Supreme’ ‘Quality Priority’ into operation guideline. Depending on professional technical training, strict and scientific management system, Alder and its employees have been committed to developing quality information products and delivering trustworthy effective service to all Euramerican , Japonic and domestic customers.

Jan 2003. Certification of Beijing Hi-Tech Enterprises.
Jan 2005. Honored by NEC China as Strategic Partner

NEC Solutions (China) Co., Ltd.
Hitachi (China) Ltd.
Brother (China) Ltd.
Beijing Advanced Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Bpusoft Development Co., Ltd.
SteadyBJ Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Oriental United Software Co., Ltd.
National Soft (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing ZZRD Technologies Inc.
Beijing Suntray Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Brother Advanced Punching System
Brother PTouch Project
Brother MAC OS Printer Driver Progress
Hitachi DNASIS Pro Mac/MsgEditor/Spooler Project
Guangzhou Toyota Manufacture System
NEC Asia Vendor Database System
CMM2 oriented software process management system
SIM/UIM intelligent card distribution system
Railway information automatic inquiry system
Public security comprehensive information management system
General data exchange system
Directory book management system
Bank Financial Baseline System
Information Management System for a research institute of China
Web-based merchandise management system
Electrical Medical Information Management System

 Our Services
Alder always holds its service principle which is superior design technique, strict quality system and circumspect professional maintenance to take and develop the knight sarvice of software projects including the following areas:
  • MIS, distributive MIS, Intranet, multi-lier architect, client/server system, etc.
  • mobile communication software
  • computer network communication
  • embedded system software
  • industry oriented software
  • Development by Order Providing application software analysis, design, development and configuaration services according to the requirements.
  • Providing Software Outsourcing Services Providing services including software analysis, design, development, test and maintenance partially or comprehensively.
  • Software Product Development Planning, defining, designing, developing commercial software product.

 Our Expertise
Most senior management experts have abroad experience, either in Japan or USA, owned with PMP engaging in software design, project management or development in numeral fields more than 10 years, familiar with the cutting-edge technology, project management, and quality control pattern, which can maximally ensure the high quality and efficiency of our product, also provide us a great support to enter the international market.

  • Proficient in embedded software design and development, in the fields of mobile communication, SIM/UIM, network and automatic control
  • state-of-art technology with language editing software design and development
  • familiar with TCP/IP protocol (TCP, UDP, SMTP, POP etc.); network management software design and development
  • familiar with Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • more than 10 years OOA/OOD/OOP experience
  • COS system development, SIM/UIM card development, personalized distribution system, directory book system,
  • BOSS system .Proficient in 351 languages, J2ME、TCL/PCL languages

The company has a strong capability in specified software development, our special product"CMM2 oriented software development process management system" can providing support for either other companies or Alder itself.

 Management Team
The management team of Alder includes several senior computer software specialists and professional managers from abroad, all of who have over 10 years of rich experience in software project management and implementation. Further, some of them are also authorized by PMP.

 Technical Team
The kernel staff of Alder’s technical team includes about 10 specialists in the fields of software development and project management. All of them have over 10 year rich experience in the design & development of Large & Medium-scale software systems. Further, Alder also have many outstanding software engineers graduated from the famous universities in China. What’s more, some of them have a lot of experience in Japanese software development projects.

 Quality Control
The majority of Alder’s management team has many years of working experience in Japan and North America in the area of software design and project management. They are all proficient in all procedures and knowledge of SDLC and Quality Control. That’s how the quality and efficiency of our software products can be guaranteed.

 Normalized Software Production
Alder has great advantage in the normalized software production. Our product “CMM2-Oriented software development procedure management system” which can guarantee all the design/development/test procedures during software project implementation are well organized, so the quality and efficiency are guaranteed, toor.

 Contact Us
For further information, please contact our representative in North America at






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