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2008 Beijing Olympics tickets go on sale
China Daily, April 15, 2007 - BEIJING - More than seven million very affordable tickets are now on sale for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) announced today. About 75% of the tickets will be sold domestically and the rest will be available to the overseas public. (Click for full coverage.)

Aug. 8, 2007 - Newly married Chinese basketball star Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li are having no plan for the present to have babies.
(Click the news title for full report.)

Recruitment of Olympic Volunteers Begins in Beijing
Beijing2008.com Aug. 28, 2006 - The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) and the Olympics Volunteer Work Coordination Group officially launched their recruitment drive for volunteers for the Olympics and Paralympic Games this morning. (Click for full report)

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FACTBOX: China's Paralympic History - Xinhua
After watching the "truly exceptional" Summer Olympis as spectators, China's Paralympic athletes are looking to repeat their Athens glory four years ago in Beijing.

    With a biggest-ever 547-member delegation, China will start their seventh Paralympic tour on Sunday, competing in all the 20 events and 295 disciplines.

    The past six Paralympics have witnessed the high-spirited and vigorous progress made by Chinese. Here are some facts about China's Paralympic history:

    1984 Stoke Mandeville & New York

    -- The 1984 Paralympic Games were held in Europe and North America. China made its Paralympic debut in the New York Games by sending 24 athletes who competed in athletics, swimming and table tennis.

    China finished 23rd at the gold tally with two golds, 13 silvers and nine bronzes, including the country's first ever Paralympic gold won by Ping Yali.

    The Games turned out as a success despite a short preparation period of four months. The organizers agreed that the future Games should be held at one place.

    1988 Seoul

    -- China's 43 athletes participated in athletics, swimming, table tennis and shooting. A total of 44 medals including 17 golds lifted China to the 14th place among 61 delegations on the gold standings.

    The Seoul Paralympic Games took place at Olympic venues.

    1992 Barcelona

    -- China sent a 24-athlete delegation to the 9th Paralympics and was ranked 12th place on the gold tally with 11 golds, seven silvers and seven bronzes.

    The organizing committee reduced the number of athletes by setting strict rules in order to enhance the credibility of the Games. Athletes with different disabilities were allowed to participate in the same events.

    1996 Atlanta

    -- Thirty-seven athletes over six sports clinched 16 gold medals, pushing China to the ninth place on the gold tally.

    For the first time, athletes with an intellectual disability took part in this Games, along with athletes with spinal cord disabilities, cerebral palsy, amputations, les autres and visual impairments.

    2000 Sydney

    -- China sent 87 athletes to six sports in the Games, which included goalball, judo and power lifting for the first time. A total of 73 medals including 34 golds propelled China to the sixth place on the gold tally.

    The Sydney Paralympics, which offered 550 gold medals, marked the first-time participation of female athletes in power lifting.

    A total of 300 world and Paralympic records were set over 18 events in Sydney.

    2004 Athens

    -- China sent 200 athletes to take part in 11 events at the Athens Paralympics. With a historic 141 medals including 63 golds, China topped the medal standings for the first time.

    Women's judo and volleyball (sitting) made their first appearance in Athens. China won the first gold medal in women's volleyball, beating the Netherlands 3-1.

    At the closing ceremony, the new logo of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) was unveiled as the Paralympic flag with the three "Agitos" was raised in the stadium.

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FAQ About Beijing Olympic Tickets

The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) on Wednesday revealed details of its affordable ticketing program. Following is an interview by Xinhua News Agency with BOCOG officials:


Q: How do you compare the ticket prices of the Beijing Olympic Games with that of previous Games?


A: Every organizing committee for the Olympic Games has to consider the affordability of the local people. China is a developing country, and our annual income is less than that of people in both Sydney and Athens.


Compared to the previous Games, prices of the tickets for the Beijing Games are significantly less. The highest price for an Opening Ceremony ticket is half of that for the last Games, and the lowest is only one fifth. For normal competitions, prices of the tickets, both the highest and the lowest, are only one third of those in Athens.


Q: Are all competition sessions priced?


A: The Beijing Olympic Games will feature 28 sports and 302 events with different audience expectation. Some sessions will not require tickets, such as road cycling, walking and the marathon, as these events will be open to spectators. We currently have 240 pricing categories for the tickets and are still discussing ticket policies for some specific events.


Q: Will there be any free tickets, tickets for staff or discounted tickets?


A: There won't be any free tickets, tickets for staff or discounted tickets. BOCOG has put a ticketing policy in place in order to ensure that tickets are potentially accessible to everyone. We have even developed a special program to allow the Chinese students to attend the Games.


Q: Will over 7 million tickets be sold to the public?


A: We have a quota in place. Domestic public have access to at least 50% of the tickets available, which is higher than recent Games.


According to the Olympic Games conventions, tickets are sold worldwide.


In addition to tickets for the domestic and international markets, BOCOG will also sell tickets to the IOC, NOCs, IFs, sponsors and broadcasters.


We have a preliminary quota for different market segments and the final plan will be published after approval by the IOC.


Q: How are the other seats allocated apart from the 7 million selling tickets?


A: BOCOG has seat allocations for the media who will report the Games. We have also allocated tickets for the athletes who are not to compete then and there. However, BOCOG will make every effort to sell as many tickets as possible.


Q: Will electronic tickets be used for the Beijing Olympic Games?


A: To reflect the theme of a "High-Tech Olympics", we are working with our ticketing partner and sponsors to apply high- technology in the ticketing process.


(Xinhua News Agency November 29, 2006)


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