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China Travel Guide: Mountain Yandang


Mountain Yandang

Location of Mt. Yandang
Situated in Leqing, Wenzhou in the southeast of Zhejiang Province, Yandang Mountain is one of the 10 famous mountains in China. It costs four and half hours from there to Shanghai by train.

Geology of Mt. Yandang
Yandang Mountain, which was formed 120 million years ago, is a typical ancient rhyolitic volcano of the Cretaceous period. Over the past 20,000 years, the volcano in Yandang Mountain has experienced four periods and several dozen eruptions. Thanks to multi eruptions, falls, revivals and rises, and the erosion by water and wind for millions of years, the present landforms were formed.

mt. yandang, zhejiang province

Characteristics of Mt. Yandang
Yandang Mountain covers an area of 450 sq km, and has more than 500 tourist attractions and eight major scenic zones. Of all the scenic spots in Yandang Mountain, Lingfeng Peak, Lingyan Rock and Dalongqiu Waterfall are the most famous, known as the “three perfections in Yandang Mountain”.

Yandang Mountain features complicated landforms and abundant tourism resources. When one takes a step forward, the scenery will change; and the peaks show different shapes when they are viewed from different angles.

If one enters the Dalongqiu Waterfall Scenic Zone from the entrance of the valley along the stream, one will first see the Scissor Peak, which changes the shapes when it is viewed from different angles. Now it looks like the bud of a yulan magnolia flower ready to burst; now, like a pair of scissors; now, a woodpecker catching insects; now, a big bear holding a tree with its arms; and now, a stone pillar piercing into the sky. If one walks forward a few steps and turns one head back, one will find it resembles a sailing boat….

The scenery in Yandang Mountain is mainly composed of peaks, waterfalls, caves and steep cliffs. The main tourist attractions in the mountain include the Two-palm Peak, Double Bamboo Shoots Peaks, Scissor Pak, Lotus Peak, Heavenly Pillar Peak, Flay Display Peak, Pingxia Peak, Dalongqiu Waterfall and Xiaolongqiu Waterfall.

With a high elevation, all the peaks in Yandang Mountain rise abruptly from the ground, and the 100-m-high peaks and cliffs can be seen everywhere. It is almost impossible for tourist to climb the mountain as it is so steep. Going up the mountain along the undulating paths, tourists can appreciate oddly-shaped rocks and steep peaks.

Yandang Mountain contains Dalongqiu Waterfall, Xiaolongqiu Waterfall and numerous streams. Now the streams get together to form a mirror-like lake; now they flow along the winding paths; and now they fall down, like a string of pearls scattered on the green water surface, presenting various types of white patterns.

Admission Ticket of Mt. Yandang
There is no through tickets for Yandang Mountain, but each tourist attraction in the mountain charges an admission ticket as follows: Lingfeng Peak (at night): 41 yuan; Lingfeng Peak (for the daytime): 41 yuan; Lingyan Rock: 40 yuan; Dalongqiu Waterfall: 40 yuan; Three-layer Waterfall: 15 yuan; Wild Goose Lake: 15 yuan; Sheep Horn Cave: 15 yuan; and Xiansheng Gate: 15 yuan.

Transport of Mt. Yandang
All the tourist attractions in Yandang Mountain are easily accessed by roads. Shuttle buses go directly to all the scenic spots; and tourists may reach all the scenic spots by driving a car. All the stone paths in the mountain are anti-skid, with gentle slopes, so old people and children can walk along the paths safely.

Take a train from Shanghai to Yandang Mountain. The trains from Shanghai South Railway Station to Yandang Mountain include D377 (08:10-12:15), D3203 (10:50-15.01), D5585 (10:58-15:35), D5555 (13:18-17:27) and D5589 (15:00-20:06). After getting off the train, tourists may go to Yandang Mountain by taxi, and it will cost only 10 yuan.

No scheduled flights from Shanghai to Yandang Mountains. Tourists may fly to Wenzhou, which takes one hour; and then take a bus from Wenzhou to the mountain. We suggest tourists go from Shanghai to Yandang Mountain by train.
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