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Weapon Photo Gallery

Old War Planes


War Ships

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Machine Guns

Photo Gallery:
Chinese Air Force

china air force's new fighter j-20
China's Newly Developed prototype J-20

china air force's newly developed J-20 fighter




Q5 (A5 Attacker)

J-11 (Su-27)

Harbin Missile Destroyer

J-5 (Mig-17)

J-6A (Mig-19)




China Information and Sources

China Military and Armed Force
 (People's Liberation Army, PLA)


Quick Facts China's Armed Force
Full Name of Chinese Armed Forces: People's Liberation Army (PLA)
PLA Founded in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on August 1st, 1927.
Total Army Members: 2.11 million  (2014 collected)
ReserveTroops: 3.25 million
 (2014 collected)
Budget of National Defense:  US$146 billion (2015). Reference link: China Military Budget.
Chairman of Central Military Commission: Xi Jinping (DOB 1953)
Minister of National Defense: Chang Wanquan (DOB 1949)
Chief of the General Staff: General: Fang Fenghui (DOB1951)
 Central Military Commission
General Office
Joint Staff Department
Political Work Department
Logistic Support Department
Equipment Development Department
Training and Administration Department
National Defense Mobilization Department
Discipline Inspection Commission
Politics and Law Commission
Science and Technology Commission
Office for Strategic Planning
Office for Reform and Organizational Structure
Office for International Military Cooperation
Audit Office
Agency for Offices Administration
 People's Liberation Army (PLA)

people's liberation army flag, pla flag
People's Liberation Army Flag (the two Chinese characters behind the star mean Eight and One, indicating August 1st, the date PLA was founded.)

PLA Elblem

PLA Army
PLA Navy
PLA Air Force
PLA Rocket Force
PLA Strategic Support Force
 Five Theater Commands and headquarters
Eastern Theater Command - Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Western Theater Command - Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Southern Theater Command - Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Northern Theater Command
- Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Centra Theater Command - Beijing

PLA soldiers' food (click for more pictures)

Do You Know? The average monthly income of China armed force officers: 5373.14 yuan RMB (around US$826) based on the exchange rate in May 2011. (source: PLA Daily May 19, 2011)

First take-off and landing tests on China's first airplane carrier Liaogning has been successful, and thousands of ordinary Chinese watching the video of the airplane taking off from carrier, the ground crew 's gesture while directing taking off is considered very impressive and cool. Many people around China have imitated the gesture and posted photos of their gesture online to share. (20121123)





Push-Up Training
of Chinese Army Soldiers


Facts and Figures

PLA Elblem

people's liberation army flag, pla flag
People's Liberation Army Flag (the two Chinese characters behind the star mean Eight and One, indicating August 1st, the date PLA was founded.)


  • PLA Navy Total 850,000 soldiers; 9,150 tanks; 6,600 armored vehicles, 1,200 self-propelled howitzer, 10,000 mortar, 4,000 multibarrel rocket launchers,  6,246 towed howitzers, 1,531 antiaircraft artillery,8,000 anti-tank warfare and 453 helicopters. (2014 collected)
    Army Rank: (Click for picture)
    Introduction and General Information
    Ground Force Aviation
    PLA Army Flag:

chinese navy flag, pla navy flag
PLA Navy Flag

  • PLA Air Force Navy 255,000 sailors; with 1 aifcraft carrier, 69 submarines; 29 destroyers; 49 frigates, 86 landing crafts, 39 minesweepers, 368 coast defense ships. China Naval Air Force has 120 H5 bombers,  105 J7, J8 fighters, 100 JH7 fighter/bombers and  24 Su30 fighters  (2014 collected)
    Commander: General WU Shengli
    Political Commissar: General HU Yanlin
    Navy Rank: (Click for picture)
    Introduction and General Information
    Marine Corps
    Naval Aviation
    PLA Navy Flag:

chinese air force flag, pla air force flag
PLA Air Force Flag

  • PLA Rocket Force Total 130,000 soldiers, with  66 ICBM, 250 nuclear war head,118 intermediate-range ballistic missile, 204 short-range ballistic missile, 54 land-based long-range cruise missile.  (2014 collected)
    Commander: General JING Zhiyuan
    Political Commissar: PENG Xiaofeng

    Introduction and General Information


  • PLA Strategic Support Force
    Political Commissar:

 PLA Five Theater Commands
  • Eastern Theater Command
  • Western Theater Command
  • Southern Theater Command
  • Northern Theater Command
  • Central Theather Command

Archive:  PLA old command system: 7 military Commands

China air force equipped with J-10 fighter plane

china air force j-10 fighter

2006-12-30 09:40 Two Jian-10 fighter planes of China air force take off from a military base December 18, 2006. The air force has been equipped with the new generation of Jian-10 fighter, independently designed by China. The fighter is capable of launching "precision attacks while hedgehopping and making long-distance assaults at altitude above 10,000 metres." [Xinhua]

China PLA marching, Chinese army

pla soldiers are marching in front of tiananmen square for a national flag raising ceremony
PLA soldiers are marching in front of Tiananmen Square
for a national flag raising ceremony


Video: Chinese Army Parade Oct. 1st, 2009. Source: LCJ posted on Youtube.

 International Media's Reports: China Military

Click for More China Military Report Links

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Military Education and Training
Nuclear Weapons
In October of 1964, the People's Republic of China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb. On October 27th, 1966, China fired her first nuclear bomb from a guided missile. On June 17th, 1967 China had exploded her first hydrogen bomb.
  • There are 9 Disarmament from the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the total number of troops disarmed in the period is 7 million:

  • The 1st disarmament: at the end of 1950, 17.1 per cent of the total number of 5.5 million PLA was disarmed, the major cut was carried out in ground force. (Later, due to the Korea War, the total number of PLA had been greatly expanded and reached the peak in the history of PLA, the total number of armed force was reached 6.11 million.)

  • The 2nd disarmament: January 1952, the total number of ground force was reduced from 2.58 million to 1.35 million. The total number of PLA was reduced to 3 million.

  • The 3rd disarmament: August 1953, the total number of PLA was cut 23.3 percent, and about 1/3 of the ground force was cut during the disarmament.

  • The 4th disarmament: January 1957. The total number of PLA was cut 1/3.

  • The 5th disarmament: End of 1957, the total number of PLA was cut 26.2 percent, among them, 27.3 percent of the ground force, 17 percent of the Navy and 16.4 percent of Air Force was cut .

  • The 6th, 7th and 8th disarmament: Carried out in 1978, 1980 and 1985 respectively, the total number of PLA was cut 1 million. During the period, the original 11 Military Commands (Regions) were cut into 7 Military Commands (Regions).

  • The 9th disarmament was in 1997, the PLA had been cut 500,000 people and some of the PLA will be transferred into the Armed Police. The total number of armed force: 2.5 million

  • The 10th disarmament was in 2003, the PLA cut 200,000 people (among them 170,000 were officers), and the total number of armed force was reduced to 2.3 million.

Meet your Chinese friends in the global village.

Seven Military Commands (Regions) (Updated June. 19, 2007)

Source: US Department of Defense


China Military Budget
Year RMB Yuan (billion) =$USD (billion) % of total  national budget % Increase over last yr
2014 808.20 132.0   12.2
2013 720.20 114.3 6 10.7
2012 670.27 106.4   11.2
2011 601.00 91.5 6 12.7
2010 532.10 77.90   7.5
2009 480.69 70.70 6.3 14.9
2008 418.20      
2007 350.92 44.94 7.5 17.8
2006 297.93   7.4  
2005     7.3  
2004 200.00 24.00 7.7  
2002 166.00 20.00   17.6
2001 141.04 17.00 8.30 16.2
2000 121.29 14.61 8.29 12.6
1999 107.67 12.97 8.20 15.2
1998 93.47 11.26 8.66  
1995 63.00 7.59   14.5
1994 55.00 6.63   28.8
1993 42.70 5.14   15.4
1992 37.00 4.46   13.8
1991 32.50 3.92    

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China Army's Rank:

PLA Air Force Rank

rank insignia of chinese air force, pla air force rank

PLA Army Rank

rank insignia of chinese army, pla army rank

PLA Navy Rank

rank insignia of chinese navy, pla navy rank

More News Links about PLA and China Armed Force:

  • China's army shows new sophistication Mar. 5, 2004 - The men were an elite force of soldiers from the Chinese People's Liberation Army deployed on a mission to undermine archrival Taiwan. They didn't come armed with missiles or tanks. Their weapon was water. (full coverage)
  • What's behind increase in the military budget
    Mar. 15, 2007 - At the Fifth Session of the 10th National People's Congress, it was announced that the country's military budget for 2007 is 350.92 billion yuan, or roughly US$44.94 billion. This marks a 17.8 per cent increase over the previous year, or $6.8 billion. The increase has drawn wide attention from the international community. Many express misgivings out of shear misunderstanding. But some look at the increase through stained lenses or stretch the matter to suit their own ends. Others try to use the growth in China's military spending to create a propaganda splash. (Click for full report)
  • Military officers for crash punished
    Reuters/China Daily, Sep. 7, 2006 - China has punished nearly a dozen military officers in connection with a plane crash in June that killed all 40 people on board, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Thursday in an apparent sign of growing accountability. Three People's Liberation Army officers, including the deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region, Jiang Jianzeng, were given demerit points, a penalty considered a disgrace that damages prospects for promotion, Xinhua news agency said, citing the Central Military Commission. Another was sacked and one demoted, Xinhua said, adding six more were given either warnings or demerit points. The cause of the June 3 crash of the military transport plane in the eastern province of Anhui was blamed on a loss of control due to components of the plane being frozen. Xinhua said several military officials were also punished for negligence after 48 people were killed and another 60 injured in flash floods which washed away a barracks in July. The deputy head of the military corps was sacked and being investigated by military prosecutors, Xinhua said. The head of the corps was demoted and another five received demerit points or serious warnings.

More pictures about China Air Force:

china'a new J-20 fighter
China's brand new J-20 (2011)





FC-Super 7



H5 Bomber. Retired.



J6 (F6, Mig 19) Retired.



J6 (F6, Mig 19) Retired.




J5 (Mig 17) Retired.



J6A (F6, Mig 19) Retired.



F7 (J7, Mig 21)


F8 (J8)


F8II  (J8II)



F8II  (J8II)



F10 (J10)


F10 (J10)


F10 (J10)


F11 (J11, Su27)




Q5C (A5C) Attacker


Q5M (A5M) Attacker



H6 (B6, Tu16)Bomber




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China Map, City Maps





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