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Home Chinese Cities and Province Information Beijing

China City and Province Information
Beijing,The Capital of China

Beijing Municipality* - Capital City of China

Beijing location map, location of of Beijing
Beijing Location

Beijing Basics
  Area (City)   1,368 square km
  Area (Metro)   16,800 square km
Population:   21.84 million (2022)
Coordinates:   3926'-4103'N  11503'-11730'E
Local Time:  
January Average  Temperature:  -4.7C (23.54F)
July Average  Temperature:   26.1C (78.98F)
Average Frost Free Days:   180-200 days/year
Average Elevation:   20-60 meters
Annual Rainfall:   484 mm (2007)
Annual Sunshine:   2,000-2,800 hours
Phone Area Code:   10
Postal Code:   100000
Beijing Geography and Climate (sponsored by Beijing Tour)
Beijing, China's national capital, is situated at the north edge of the North China Plain. Not far to its northwest is the vast Inner Mongolian Plateau and a hundred kilometers to the east is the Bohai Sea. Beijng is also flanked by the crawling Taihang Mountains to its west and the alluvial plain by the rivers of Yongding and Chaobai to its south.

corner tower of the forbidden city of beijing
Corner Tower of the Forbidden City of Beijing

Located in the North Temperate Zone with a continental monsoon climate, Beijing enjoys and annual mean temperature of 11.8C (53.24F) and annual mean precipitation of 630 mm, which concentrates mainly in the summer. January is the coldest month with the monthly mean temperature of -4.7C (23.54F) while July the hottest month with a mean temperature of 26.1C (78.98F). Beijing's spring is relatively short, and people used to say that when the last day of the winter is gone, the summer is about to set in. Summer is usually hot with abundant rainfall. Autumn days are cool with clear sky and gentle breeze, making it the best season to travel. As winter is severe, outings naturally require heavy clothing. Climatically, Beijing's four seasons cater to different interests of tourists. You can travel at any time of the year as you like.

Bird's view of Tianan'men Square, and the up part of the picture is the Forbidden City (yellow-colored building roof)

Brief History of Beijing
Beijing is a great city noted for the rich heritage of oriental
history and culture. As early as three thousand years ago, a primitive tribal community started to take shape here. A tone had already come into being two thousand years ago.

stone carving, beijing tour
Beautiful Stone Carving, Beijing

From 900 A.D. onward, Beijing served first as the secondary capital of the Liao Dynasty (916-1125) and then capitals of the Jin (1115-1234), Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1919)Dynasties successively. Beijing was made the capital of the People's Republic of China which was founded on October 1, 1949.

Beijing Local Products
Beijing and its surrounding counties are known to have the best
quality Miyun dates, Jingbai pears and Liangxiang chestnuts. King-size persimmon and especial the frozen ones are unique. Preserved fruits from of a part of Beijing's traditional speciality. The Beijing Duck is a fine breed, well-know for its delicate meat. Beijing also offers artefacts, jade and stone carvings, filigree and lacquer ware, jewellery and the watercolor wood block printing of Rongbaozhai.
Beijing Local Cuisine
Beijing presents a galaxy of China's famous cuisine. Here you not only are offered with four major schools of Chinese cuisine, namely, Shandong, Sichuan, Jiangzhe and Guangdong, but have a great variety of gastronomically specialities to choose from Beijing, Hunan, Shanxi and Henan styles, let alone numerous local flavors and snacks.

Beijing roast duck provides a special enjoyment to thousands of
customers, Chinese and foreigners alike. The top restaurants serving Beijing roast duck are Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant at Hepingmen and its branch at Qianmen and Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurants. They stick to the traditional roasting method and maintain the original flavor. You will find the duck with dark brown color, crispy skin, and tender and tasty meat lightening the enjoyment of the guests. Your visit to Beijing is incomplete without a try at the Beijing roast duck.

You can also try the Beijing rinsed mutton with Mongolian hot pot at Donglaishun Restaurant, imperial recipes at Fangshan Restaurant, any of the famous dishes at Sichuan, Guandong, Huaiyang, and Tanjin, styles at the Beijing Hotel Restaurant, a "complete fish meal" at the Hall of Listening to the Oriole Restaurant at the Summer Palace, or a "complete pork meal" at Shaguoju or a "complete lamb meal" at Hongbinlou. The Barbecue of Kaorou Ji and Kaorou Wan is also quite famous.

There are many attractions in Beijing which photographer can shoot good pictures, such as Summer Palace, Great Wall, Tianmanmen Square as below. They are all highlights in Beijing tours when people travel to China. Except the above 3 spots, Forbidden City is also a must seeing place for travelers to learn Beijing and China history and for photographers to take beutiful pictures.

Beijing Pictures

sunset view of the summer palace
The largest royal park in the world -- Summer Palace of Beijing


the great wall at mutianyu, beijing
The Great Wall in Mutianyu Section, Beijing


tiananmen square, china's icon, and the largest square in the world
China's icon: Tiananmen Square, the largest in the world


china wall map store

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 China's Administrative Divisions
4 Municipalities

23 Provinces

5 Autonomous Regions

2 Special Administrative Regions (SAR)

 Statistics of Beijing (Archive)
  • Population: 13.819 million (3 million increase during the past decade, increase rate: 27.7%, average annual increase rate: 2.4%)

  • Total number of families: 4.176 million

  • Average number of family members: 2.9 

  • Men Vs. Women: 52.1:47.9

  • The group of 0-4 years old: 1.878 million, shares 13.6% of total city population; The group of 15-64 years old: 10.786 million, shares 78% of total city population; The group of 65 and older: 1.155 million, shares 8.4% of total city population. (2001 )

 Beijing Population (1948-2022)
Year Population
2022 21.84 million
2010 19.61 million
2009 17.55 million
2008 16.95 million
2007 16.33 million
2006 15.81 million
2005 15.38 million
2000 13.64 million
1998 12.46 million
1988 10.61 million
1978 8.72 million
1958 6.60 million
1948 2.03 million






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